SMA Solar inverter Sunny Island 3.0M

SMA Solar inverter Sunny Island 3.0M


OptiUse easy installation 
Intelligent management

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The Sunny Island 3.0M SMA inverter at the lowest price exclusively online.The Sunny Island 3.0M allows intelligent management of the production from your panels and the battery storage.The Sunny Island instantly produces up to 5500W and 3000W continuously.The 3.0M only works with AC input.Connect, upstream, your SMA network inverter.The maximum power of this AC input is 11500W.You can follow and optimize your consumption thanks to the SMA Sunny Portal.You have an immediate control via internet.

Minimum battery capacity recommended by SMA: 100Ah for photovoltaic 1kW.

OptiUse easy installation: the new generation of SMA inverters, Sunny ISLAND, is particularly easy to set up, get working, and use daily thanks to OptiUse, which allows for quick and easy connection of cables without the use of tools.  Save precious time assembling this inverter. SUNCLIX connectors are included with the SMA power inverter.   

Robust: the SMA Sunny ISLAND inverter can be set up anywhere even in extreme weather conditions: salty conditions, tropical conditions, deserts... OptiCool technology guarantees a more reliable performance with large temperature variation.

Multipurpose: the SMA Sunny ISLAND inverter offers great flexibility, if you have connection to electricity or not, this power inverter is the core element of your production management.  It can manage the level of charge of your battery.  It can transfer electricity straight to your house, all while regulating the most economical source of electricity.  The only issue is that it has to be connected to an inverter network in advance.

Intelligent management: by connecting SMA Sunny ISLAND to Sunny HOME MANAGER, you can control your house's electrical appliances using SMA's Sunny PORTAL.  Access is free and available on a mobile app.  You are entering the era of intelligent consumption.

Start voltage:230V / 172.5V – 264.5V
Max. input current :50A
Length x Height x Depth:467 x 612 x 242mm
Max. efficiency:95.3%
Max. input solar panel power:3000W
Max. power from the grid:11500W
Battery Type:GEL / AGM / Lithium
Battery Operating voltage:48V
Load current:50A
Battery capacity max. (C10):50Ah – 10 000Ah
Internet connection:RS485
Inverter brand:SMA
Product warranty:5 years
Place of manufacture:Europe
Inverter type:Hybrid inverter
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