SMA Solar inverter SunnyBoy Storage 2.5

SMA Solar inverter SunnyBoy Storage 2.5


Compatible with high-energy batteries
Online supervision
Integrated battery management
Single-phase inverter

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The Sunny Boy Storage 2.5 allows you to intelligently manage your electronic needs by selecting the most economical choice between your batteries and your network. It’s the only inverter that works without panel connection. With a battery output power of 2.5 kW, this Sunny Boy Storage inverter is perfectly adapted to TESLA batteries for instance.

It sends all data directly to the SMA servers using integrated Internet communication technology. Create an account so you can manage your installation online. By adding a SMA Energy meter and SMA electrical outlets, you can activate your electronic devices remotely to optimize your self-sufficiency.

Compatible with high-energy batteriesThanks to the SMA inverter Sunny Boy Storage, you can recharge your lithium batteries (e.g. TESLA, LG Chem...) during off-peak time using the electricity reserves and then use them during the day. This power inverter does not require direct connection to the solar panels.

Online supervision: The SMA Sunny Boy Storage has an internet supervision function.  You can check your system performance when you are away from your home. The data is sent to the SMA homepage with no extra accessory necessary.

Integrated battery management the SMA Sunny Boy Storage manages the level of charge of your batteries intelligently.  You define the level of charge of the battery according to your needs.

Single-phase inverterthe SMA Sunny Boy Storage is a single phase inverter.

Start voltage:100V
Length x Height x Depth:460 x 357 x 122mm
Max. efficiency:97%
Battery Type:Lithium
Max. charge / discharge:2650W
Battery Operating voltage:450V
Load current:18A
Internet connection:Ethernet / Wifi
Inverter brand:SMA
Product warranty:5 years
Place of manufacture:Europe
Inverter type:Hybrid inverter
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The inverter is equipped as standard function Speedwire SMA / Webconnect. SMA Speedwire / Webconnect is a type of communication based on the Ethernet standard. The Webconnect function allows direct data transfer between the inverters of a small installation and Sunny Portal Internet portal, without requiring an additional communication product.

This function is limited to a maximum of 4 inverters per installation. You can access your Sunny Portal via any computer connected to the Internet.

Open the cover of the inverter. On surrounded part, you will find the integrated communication card.

Connect your ethernet cable. Connect this cable directly to your internet box.

Registering your installation:

Go to:


 - Select [Installation Setup Wizard]. The installation setup wizard opens.

 - Select [Next].

The User Registration page opens.

 - Select the "Create a New Installation"

 - Enter a name in the system

In the Password field installation:

 - Enter the password for the user role "Installer" of your system. If you have not changed the password for the user role "Installer", the default password is 1111 installation.

You must then specify a new password.

In the Confirm Password field, re-enter the installation password.

 - Select [Next].

In the CIP and RID fields, enter the codes "PIC" and "RID" of your inverter (for the CIP and RID codes see the inverter nameplate or sticker near the plate).

A: Language Selection + disconnect the Sunny Portal

B: Content of the supervision of your inverter

C: Access to the Sunny Portal Menu

Everything is ready for online monitoring. If a fault occurs, you will automatically receive an email announcing you default. All service is free.

Please find attached the complete description of the configuration of the SMA Sunny Storage inverter:

Sam Sunny Storage

Please find enclosed the wiring diagram of the SMA Sunny Storage 2.5 associated with a SMA Sunny Boy inverter without SMA Home Manager.

The SMA SunnyBoy inverter is connected to the solar panels, which is connected directly to your SMA Energy Meter. The SMA Sunny Storage is also connected to the SMA Energy Meter. All SMA components are directly connected to the Sunny Portal for on-line internet monitoring.

Your home is powered by photovoltaics and your batteries when they are not powerful enough.

  • A: Solar panels
  • B: SMA SunnyBoy inverter
  • E: Lithium batteries
  • F: SMA Sunny Storage inverter
  • I: Speedwire
  • H: internet
  • M: SMA Energy Meter
  • L: Eletricity meter
  • K: Electricity grid

With the SMA Sunny Home Manager, you can manage your supplies via the SMA Plug connected via Bluetooth. Your home becomes totally intelligent and adaptavie.

Your home is powered by photovoltaics and your batteries when they are not powerful enough.

  • A: Solar panels
  • C: SMA SunnyBoy inverter
  • D: Electricity charges
  • E: SMA Plug
  • F: Electricity charges none connected to plug
  • G: Lithium batteries
  • H: SMA Sunny Storage
  • I: SMA Sunny Home manager
  • M: Speedwire
  • L: Internet
  • K: Computer
  • N: Electricity grid
  • O: Electricity meter
  • P: SMA Energy Meter

The inverter is equipped with functions allowing the management of the network (limited injection of surplus for example). Depending on the requirements of the network operator, you can activate and configure these functions (eg active power limitation) via the operating parameters.

You will now be able to realize its connection and its parameterization according to the attached procedure:

Sma Sunny StoragePlease find the list of components supplied with your SMA Sunny Storage inverter.
Sma Sunny StorageA: Connecting the battery via the connectors SUNCLIX supplies with the inverter
B: Communication port for network cable
C: Battery communication port
D: Electrical connection AC output
Sma Storage SunnyBoy

Disconnect the AC circuit breaker and secure it against reconnection. Unscrew the swivel nut from the cable gland for the AC connection at the connector cap. Thread the swivel nut over the AC cable. 

SMA Storage SunnyBoy
Thread the swivel nut over the AC cable. 

SMA Sunny Boy Storage

SMA Sunny Boy Storage

Shorten L and N by 5 mm each. Thus, the grounding conductor will be released from the connecting terminal plate last when tensile load is applied.
Strip 15 mm of the insulation of L, N and the grounding conductor.

Connect L, N and the grounding conductor to the connecting terminal plate for the AC connection in accordance with the labeling. When doing so, ensure that the conductors are plugged completely into the terminals up to the insulation.

Useful hint: To release the conductors from the terminals, the terminals must be opened. To do this, stick a flat-blade screwdriver (blade width: 3 mm) as far as it can go into the rectangular opening behind the terminal.

Ensure that all terminals are allocated to the correct conductors. Make sure that all conductors are securely in place. 
Plug the connecting terminal plate with the connected conductors for the AC connection into the slot in the inverter until the connecting terminal plate clicks into place. 
SMA Sunny Boy Storage

 Lead the grounding cable between the washer and clamping bracket and tighten the screw.

SMA Sunny Boy Storage

SMA Sunny boy Storage

The battery connection cables must be fitted with the supplied DC connectors. Assemble the DC connectors as described in the following. Be sure to observe the correct polarity. The DC connectors are marked with the symbols "Battery (+)" and "Battery (−)" .

Strip 12 mm of the cable insulation.
Insert the stripped cable into the DC connector up to the stop. When doing so, ensure that the stripped cable and the DC connector are of the same polarity.
Press the clamping bracket down until it audibly snaps into place. 

The inverter is connected. You must now perform data communication and tracking.

SMA Sunny Boy Storage

To ensure seamless operation, SMA Solar Technology AG recommends that all components be connected to each other via a router or a switch. This IT solution ensures data management.

SMA Sunny StorageHere is the solution with a SMA Sunny Home Manager that will manage the electrical outlets.
SMA Sunny Boy Storage
Insert the RJ45 plug of the network cable into the network pin connector on the inverter until it snaps into place.
Ensure that the network connector is securely in place by pulling slightly on the network cable.
Connect the other end of the network cable to the local network (e.g. via a router). You can only connect the inverter to other nodes via star topology.
Connecting the data cable of the battery 
SMA Sunny Boy Storage

If your computer, tablet PC or smartphone has a WPS function:

• Activate the WPS function on the inverter. To do this, tap on the enclosure lid of the inverter twice.

☑ The blue LED flashes quickly. The WPS function is active.
SBS25-1VL-10-BE-en-10 Operating Manual

SMA Solar Technology AG 8 Using the Inverter User Interface • Activate the WPS on your device.

☑ The connection with your device will be established automatically. It can take up to 20 seconds for this connection to be established.

2. If your computer, tablet PC or smartphone does not have a WPS function:

  • Search for WLAN networks with your device.

  • Select the SSID of the inverter SMA[serial number] in the list with the found WLAN networks.

  • Enter the inverter WLAN password. Within the first 10 operating hours, you must use the standard WLAN password SMA12345. After the first 10 operating hours, you must use the device-specific WLAN password (WPA2-PSK) of the inverter. The WLAN password (WPA2-PSK) is printed on the type label.

    3. Enter the IP address or, if your device supports mDNS services, SMA[serial number].local in the address line of the web browser and press the enter key.