Pack 2x Triple Power battery 11.6kWH High voltage

Pack 2x Triple Power battery 11.6kWH High voltage

High voltage Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery
100% discharge
6.000 cycles or more
Lightweight design
11.600 Wh Storage Capacity
10.000 W Output Power

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Start voltage:100-131V
Length x Height x Depth:708 x 474 x 173mm
Max. efficiency:99% (25°C)
Battery Type:Lithium
Max. charge / discharge:4000W
Load current:25A
Battery capacity max. (C10):50Ah
Number of cycle:6000
Discharge rate:100%
Lifetime:6000-8000 Cycles
Product warranty:10 years
Place of manufacture:Asia
Marque batterie:TRIPLE POWER

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