Solar optimizer SOLAR EDGE P370-MC4

Solar optimizer SOLAR EDGE P370-MC4

P370-5R M4M RM

Communication with the inverter SOLAR EDGE is done via Bluetooth. With this optimizer, you can install your panels in all directions. Your solar panels are then independent from each other. In addition, the optimizer enables you to cut your solar panels' power supply directly at the junction box, i.e. without any fire hazard.

Maximum power: 5700 W - Connect up to 25 optimizers on the same serial connection. Optimizer works only with SOLAREDGE single phase inverters.

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The SOLAR EDGE P370: 25 years guarantee

The SOLAR EDGE P370-MV is an optimizer dedicated to solar panels ranging from 250 to 370 W. Admissible Voc-voltage: 60 V. This system enables you to truly optimize your solar installation. All solar panels become independent:

    • Power gain:
      • No energy loss at module level
      • No loss due to partial shading
      • No loss due to dirt
      • No loss due to aging
      • Dedidacted maintenance for each panel:
        • Complete visibility of system performance and remote fault repair
        • Performance data at module level
        • Presentation of the entire system on a virtual map of the site
        • Automatic alerts in case of system problems
        • Easy access via the web browser from any PC or Smartphone


SOLAR EDGE: Optimizing your solar systems

SolarEdge provides systems for converting solar energy and distributes supervision systems for PV installations. SolarEdge technology maximizes power generation of residential, commercial and large scale photovoltaic installations. The SolarEdge product portfolio includes power optimizers, highly reliable PV inverters and a web portal for monitoring and fault detection at module level.

MPPT range :8...60V
Voltage (Voc):60V
Current (Ioc):11A
Length x Height x Depth:128 x 152 x 35mm
Max. efficiency:99.5%
Max. input solar panel power:5700W
Inverter brand:SOLAREDGE
Product warranty:25
Place of manufacture:Europe
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