DELTA Solar inverter RPI M8

DELTA Solar inverter RPI M8


Buy your DELTA inverter RPI M8 at the best price - online only. This triphase inverter is equipped with 2 trackers which allow you to optimize your solar system's energy production as you can install panels on two different roofs. This DELTA inverter does not have a transformer, which allows for maximum efficiency: up to 98.3%. Connect your inverter to the GATEWAY and monitor all performance data online using the DELTA INVERTER website. Enjoy a 5 year warranty and don't forget to connect your inverter to the DELTA website.

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MPPT range :200...1000V
Start voltage:250V
Max. input current :10A / 10A
Length x Height x Depth:510 × 445 × 117mm
Max. efficiency:98.3%
MPPT Tracker:2
Mini. input solar panel power:7900W
Max. input solar panel power:10000W
Internet connection:RS485
Inverter brand:DELTA ENERGY
Product warranty:5 years
Place of manufacture:Europe
Inverter type:Grid inverter

Manufacturer Guarantee Period

5 Years: For all above mentioned Delta String Inverters

After registration at the website by the end customer, within 12 months from the date of purchase

After purchasing the guarantee extension, as proof you will receive a guarantee certificate. 

Customer´s Claims arising from the Guarantee

Exchange Device

In the event of a guarantee case the customer is entitled to demand delivery of a used exchange inverter which has the same age as the defective device or is newer. The remaining guarantee period is transferred from the defective device to the exchange device. Due to the fact that the exchange inverters are reworked and are used inverters, traces of usage might be visible but do not affect the functionality of the device. The customer should return the defective device – packed in the packaging of the exchange device – to Delta within 10 workdays.

Coverage of Transportation Costs

Within the framework of a valid manufacturer guarantee Delta covers the transportation costs for dispatching exchange inverters as well as for the return consignment of defective devices for the following countries: Germany, France (except French overseas departments and territories), Spain, Portugal, Netherlands, Belgium, Switzerland, Austria, Greece, United Kingdom, Italy, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Bulgaria, Poland, Romania, Slovenia and Denmark.

Replacement fee

Delta reimburses the installer a fee of 80 EUR for inverters with a weight of less than 50 kg respectively, 120 EUR for inverters with a weight of 50 kg or more for the necessary installation of an exchanged inverter executed by a professional installer. In the case that more than one inverter has to be exchanged in the same installation the compensation fee for every additional inverter is 20 EUR (for inverters with a weight of less than 50 kg) respectively, 40 EUR (for inverters with a weight of 50 kg or more). Delta refunds the fee directly to the installer by issuance of a credit note . Once the installer is paid the replacement fee, no further claims may arise from the guarantee – especially claims for damages. The fee is only reimbursed if the defective inverter/s are returned to Delta properly in the original packaging (refer to point 4 in the below mentioned process) and if the analysis confirms the guarantee claims.

Exclusion of Guarantee

 Claims arising from the guarantee presuppose that the product defect is not caused by one of the following circumstances:

  • Force Majeure (especially storm damage, lightning, fire, thunderstorm, flooding etc.)
  • Improper use or operation
  • Non-compliance with user, installation or maintenance instructions from manuals, guides and regulations
  • Inadequate ventilation and cooling
  • Strong contamination due to dirt or dust
  • Transport damage
  • Changes on the product or attempted repair without prior approval of Delta
  • Wrong installation or comissioning
  • Non-compliance with applying safety regulations (e. g. VDE)

 Furthermore, the guarantee claim is invalid if the analysis does not determine / prove a product failure / defect.

Exchange Device(s), outside of the Guarantee

Period Delta offers exchange devices for defective inverters which are not covered by the guarantee period. So the plant operation is only interrupted until the exchange device is received and not – like during repair – for the complete repair time. For ordering an exchange device the exchange request form should be used. The transaction processing follows the general exchange process.

Hotline DELTA technical service:

  • Belgium : 0800 71135 ( Freecall )
  • Bulgaria : +421 424661 333
  • Denmark : 8025 0986 ( Freecall )
  • Germany : 0800 8009323 ( Freecall )
  • France : 0800 919816 ( Freecall )
  • Greece : +49 7641 455-549 
  • Israel : +49 7641 455-549
  • Italy : 800 787920 ( Freecall )
  • Netherlands : 0800 0221104 ( Freecall )
  • Austria : 0800 291512 ( Freecall )
  • Portugal : +49 7641 455-549
  • Switzerland : 0800 838173 ( Freecall )
  • Slovakia : 0800 005193 ( Freecall )
  • Spain : 900 958300 ( Freecall )
  • United Kingdom : 0800 0514281 ( Freecall ) 
  • Other countries : +49 7641 455-549
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