Improved performance and increased power
MAXEON patented technology
Positive tolerance: 5%
Superior strength

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Buy your SUNPOWER Solar panel MAXEON MAX3 with 425W at the lowest price - online only. SUNPOWER panels use the revolutionary MAXEON technology. Indeed, these cells benefit from a specific treatment that guarantees high performance and efficiencies over 20%. Moreover, SUNPOWER cells use the innovative MAXEON technology patented by SUNPOWER, which drastically reduces energy losses.

This SUNPOWER panel is one of the very few models that offer such a high performance. Optimize your installations: you will have to install less solar panels, need less mounting systems and be rewarded with more performance. Worthwile in any case!

Improved performance and increased power: The SUNPOWER panel uses patented technology. On a copper base, the SUNPOWER cell eliminates failures over time and increases efficiency and therefore performance. SUNPOWER is constantly innovating to improve the power and performance of photovoltaic panels.

MAXEON patented technology: The MAXEON modules of the SUNPOWER panels are innovative. The cells are interconnected from the back of the cell. Which allows to recover even more energy with each of the 60 cells.

Elegant design: With its black colour, SUNPOWER Maxeon 425W panels have a neat appearance. In addition to its black cells, its metallic frame and black tedlar finishing allow your panels to blend in smoothly with your house.

Positive tolerance: 5%:  SUNPOWER supplies modules with a positive tolerance of 5%. With SUNPOWER Maxeon panels, you benefit from a guaranteed power between 425W and 445W.

Superior strength: The SUNPOWER Maxeon's enhanced framework supports 6,000 Pa of snow.

Voltage (Voc):81.3V
Current (Ioc):6.57A
Length x Height x Depth:1812 x 1046 x 40mm
Max. efficiency:22.4%
Cells :Monocrystalline
Frame color:Black
Background color:White
Panel Brand:SUNPOWER
Product warranty:25 years
Place of manufacture:Asia
  • ENVOY-S gateway for solar micro-inverter Enphase

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    The Enphase Envoy communications gateway is the core of your network. Homeowners can easily monitor the status of their system using the LCD screen of the Envoy and get more detailed information for each module via Enlighten, the monitoring and analysis software by Enphase. WIFI directly included in this ENVOY-S gateway.

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  • Tip of ending for Emphase IQ cable

    This tip of ending is completely sealed and waterproof. Be careful when you attach this piece to your IQ Enphase cable: you can only remove it by cutting. Make sure you order the right cable length.Proper installation with our Enphase products. 

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  • IQ Cable Enphase Landscape

    The connectors are located 2m apart from eachother in portrait mode. The quantity you select refers to the number of connectors. The connectors are already mounted on the cable. Of course this number is linked to the number of Enphase micro-inverters you have ordered. This solution is ready to use.

    34,00€ Tax incl.
  • IQ Cable Enphase PORTRAIT

    The connectors are located 1.3m apart from eachother in portrait mode. The quantity you select refers to the number of connectors. The connectors are already mounted on the cable. Of course this number is linked to the number of Enphase micro-inverters you have ordered. This solution is ready to use.

    22,70€ Tax incl.

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Super Module
Wolfgang D. on
Die Module wurden in einwandfreiem Zustand geliefert, durch Spedition. Flachdach Montage. Haben schon mehrere starke Stürme überstanden.
Schnee- und Windlast best. geignet teuer aber gut
Martin H. on
Einziges Modul mit Rahmenhöhe 40mm, daher Bestens für hohe Schnee- und Windlasten geignet. Das Modul ist zwar teuer, aber mit einer Breite von 1050 mm und einem hohen Wirkungsgrad eines der wenigen Module, die bei begrenzter Dachfläche noch infrage kommen. Andere Module sind breiter. Daher bei Modulfeldplanung mit optimaler Flächenausnutzung auch dieses Modul mal mit in die engere Wahl einbeziehen.
Sunpower Maxeon 430
Libertus v. on
Gut verarbeitet, etwas teuer, aber durch Höhe Vmpp braucht mann weniger Module.
Helmut J. on
Super Solarmodul, wie zu erwarten war von Sunpower.
PV-Modul mit hohem Wirkungsgrad
Martin H. on
Das Modul ist offensichtlich sehr gefragt. Kurz nach meinem Kauf wurde der Preis deutlich angehoben. Transport und Verpackung waren zwar teuer, aber vorbildlich verpackt und sehr gut als Glasgut gekennzeichnet. Auch die Kommunikation mit der Spedition war vorbildlich.
Installation not yet complete
Nick A. on
I can't rate the panels as the installation is not yet complete.
Great panel
Denise K. on
Lots of power
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