SolarEdge current meter 100 A

SolarEdge current meter 100 A

SolarEdge Current meter 100A

The SolarEdge 100 A current meter measures the current of your home and in the power grid. Connect to the SolarEdge electricity meter.

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  • The StorEdge interface SESTI-S1 of SolarEdge

    The StorEdge interface of SolarEdge allows to connect the LG RESU7H battery to your SolarEdge inverter not HD WAVE and make a self-consumption to your home.Easy to install and to connect your Tesla battery, the StorEdge interface of SolarEdge is connected to SolarEdge inverter in parallel to the photovoltaic strings. This...

    920,00€ Tax incl.
  • SolarEdge Electricity Modbus energy

    The Modbus SolarEdge meter is used for photovoltaic supervision, consumption monitoring at home and for monitoring the power grid. The meter measures currents from 50 A to 1,000 A and supports residential and commercial installations. The meter connects to the SolarEdge inverter or gateway control and communication via RS485.

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