SolarEdge heater controller

SolarEdge heater controller

SolarEdge Heater Controller

Heater controller which adjusts the power supplied to the heater based on the available power currently produced by your photovoltaic panels (up to 3 kW).

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Start voltage:207 - 253V
Length x Height x Depth:277 x 309 x 70.5mm
Internet connection:Ethernet / Wifi
Inverter brand:SOLAREDGE
Product warranty:2 years
  • SolarEdge Electricity Modbus energy

    The Modbus SolarEdge meter is used for photovoltaic supervision, consumption monitoring at home and for monitoring the power grid. The meter measures currents from 50 A to 1,000 A and supports residential and commercial installations. The meter connects to the SolarEdge inverter or gateway control and communication via RS485.

    349,00€ Tax incl.
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