Solar inverter Hybrid IMEON 9.12

Solar inverter Hybrid IMEON 9.12


Buy your Hybrid inverter Imeon 9.12 at the lowest price - online only. An ALL IN ONE smart grid inverter for self-consumption which combines a regulator / battery charger, an electrical network inverter, a switch and associated protection. This self-consumption inverter with smart management functions charges your batteries, injects the energy overproduction into the grid and provides your home with electricity all night long.

In addition, this solar inverter detects network outages and can become independent. It provides your home directly with electricity. The battery park compensates with additional power when the solar output is insufficient. There are no limits to your electricity production.

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The inverter IMEON 9.12 manages your power consumption and determines which power source is the most economical for you. This smart inverter does not require any additional elements and devices. This inverter's strength lies in the fast that it enables multi-phase coupling of different energy sources. This innovation allows you to combine multiple energy sources with a single inverter. You do not need an external switch and eliminate frequent sources of problems.

Several applications are possible:

1) You need 3 kW and your solar panels generate up 1 kW. Your batteries take the relay and inject the missing 2 kW into your home. This switching is done automatically. If the batteries are not sufficiently powerful, the 9.12 Imeon uses power from the grid.

Also, combining multiple energy sources in one will increase battery service life. It optimizes charging and discharging processes. This inverter will always favour battery charging in order to avoid reloading and premature battery wear.

2) You experience a break in the electrical network. The inverter Imeon 9.12 will automatically switch to "OFF GRID". It is then able to use battery energy to meet your demand in electricity.

3) You want to use your photovoltaic electricity, store and sell electricity. With 9.12 Imeon this is entirely feasible. You charge your batteries during the day. When they are fully charged, you use the energy for your home. The excess power can be sold. This inverter manages everything while favouring your batteries, the key element of your whole system.

Smart energy management is a truly revolutionary idea in the solar industry. Become a completely green energy producer. This product was developed in France.

MPPT range :380...750V
Start voltage:250V
Max. input current :18A / 18A
Length x Height x Depth:580 x 760 x 176mm
Max. efficiency:95,5%
MPPT Tracker:2
Mini. input solar panel power:4500W
Max. input solar panel power:12000W
Battery Type:Lithium
Max. charge / discharge:9600W
Battery Operating voltage:48V
Load current:160A
Internet connection:Ethernet / Wifi
Inverter brand:IMEON
Product warranty:10 years
Place of manufacture:Asia
Inverter type:Hybrid inverter
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