The StorEdge interface SESTI-S4 of SolarEdge

The StorEdge interface SESTI-S4 of SolarEdge


The StorEdge interface of SolarEdge allows to connect the LG RESU7H + RESU10H battery to your SolarEdge inverter with HD WAVE and make a self-consumption to your home.
Easy to install and to connect your Tesla battery, the StorEdge interface of SolarEdge is connected to SolarEdge inverter in parallel to the photovoltaic strings. This interface can be installed on an existing SolarEdge system. Also designed to cut voltage and DC current from photovoltaic installation in case of maintenance or intervention of firefighters.

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Voltage (Voc):1000V
Max. input current :8.5A
Length x Height x Depth:206.6 x 316 x 117.5mm
Internet connection:RS485
Inverter brand:SOLAREDGE
Product warranty:12 years
Place of manufacture:Europe
Marque batterie:LG
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