SOCONNECTED Shelly Plus S connected socket

SOCONNECTED Shelly Plus S connected socket


  • Control your consumables remotely via the ALMA SOLAR application
  • Automatic color change depending on consumption
  • Monitoring of socket consumption up to 12A
  • Scenario activation based on the states of connected devices, solar production, solar battery status, weather, time, location, brightness* (*depends on a device with sensor)
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Discover the smart home revolution with the SOCONNECTED Plus S smart plug, a small wonder of power and Wi-Fi connectivity with Bluetooth. This intelligent plug is changing the way you manage your energy on a daily basis.

Master Your Electrical Consumption

With the SOCONNECTED Plus S plug, you have the power to measure the instantaneous consumption of your devices and maintain total control over them. confidently plug in devices up to 2500 W and monitor your consumption with precision.

Smart Illumination

The plug is equipped with a clever LED that lights up when you activate it via the ALMA SOLAR app, providing you with subtle and functional lighting.

Smart Management with the App

The ALMA SOLAR app gives you absolute smart control. Activate the plug remotely based on various parameters for personalized energy management:

  • Status of Solar Energy Production: Activate the plug when your solar panels produce 2000 W, to power your pool pump or water heater.
  • Status of Solar Battery: Activate the plug when your solar batteries are charged at 70% or more, ensuring energy independence and evening heating.
  • Weather: Activate the plug when the outdoor temperature drops below 10°C, taking control of your heating system or heat pump.
  • Location: Disable the plug when you move more than 200 meters away from home, automatically turning off all connected plugs to avoid unnecessary energy consumption during your absence.
  • Brightness: Activate the plug when outdoor brightness falls below 30%, turning on lamps or outdoor lights as night approaches.

With the SOCONNECTED Shelly Plus S plug, transform your home into a smart and energy-efficient space where every watt counts for your comfort and budget. Experience the connected home revolution with ALMA SOLAR.

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