Shelly BLU Motion presence sensor

Shelly BLU Motion presence sensor


  • Reduced dimensions and improved design
  • Flexible stand and wall sticker included
  • Includes a temperature sensor and a light sensor
  • Control via SHELLY application
  • Connection via Wifi
  • Battery included with lifespan 5 years, recharge by cable
23,90€ tax incl.

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1. Compact Dimensions and Enhanced Design:

Experience the future of technology in a compact package! Our products offer an elegant and minimalist design that seamlessly fits into any environment. With their discreet form, they aim not only to enhance your lifestyle but also the aesthetics of your space. Choose elegance and efficiency with our superbly designed solutions.

2. Flexible Mount and Included Wall Adhesive:

Our commitment to your convenience is reflected in every detail. Each product comes with a flexible mount and wall adhesive for easy installation. No need for drilling holes or expensive professionals. Simply attach it as you desire. Simplify your life with our convenient solutions.

3. Includes Temperature and Light Sensor:

Your home deserves the best in technology. Our products include temperature and light sensors for a comprehensive experience. Monitor environmental conditions in real-time and adjust your surroundings accordingly. Stay informed and prepared, no matter the weather or light conditions.

4. Control via SHELLY App:

Take control of your home from the palm of your hand! Our user-friendly SHELLY app allows you to conveniently manage all our products from your smartphone or tablet. Customize your settings, receive real-time notifications, and ensure your home operates exactly as you want it to, wherever you are.

5. Connection via Wi-Fi:

Simple connectivity is within reach. Our products effortlessly connect to your existing Wi-Fi network, saving you unnecessary hassle. No bulky cables or complicated installations required. They're ready to use in just a few easy steps. Stay connected instantly.

6. Includes Battery with 5 years Lifespan, Cable Charging:

Forget worries about batteries! Our products come equipped with built-in rechargeable batteries that last 5 years on a single charge. You'll save time and money by avoiding tedious battery replacements. And when it's time to recharge, simply use the included cable for quick and easy charging.

Don't wait any longer to enhance your lifestyle with our innovative products. Choose simplicity, efficiency, and elegant design. Opt for technology that makes your everyday life easier and more enjoyable. Order now and transform your home into a smart and modern space.

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