SOCONNECTED Shelly BLU door sensor

SOCONNECTED Shelly BLU door sensor


  • Detects and signals the opening/closing of doors/windows
  • Measurement of brightness and tilt angle
  • 1 x 3V CR2032 battery supplied with lifespan of up to 5 years
  • ALMA SOLAR CARE integration, your home protection
  • Intelligent management based on the status of other connected devices
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Discover the SOCONNECTED BLU door/window sensor, an intelligent solution for your connected home. This advanced device equipped with brightness and tilt sensors revolutionizes your experience in home automation and solar energy.

This sensor is specifically designed to detect door and window openings and instantly alert you. By subscribing to an ALMA SOLAR CARE subscription, you gain maximum protection against theft and unauthorized access when you are not at home. The sensor closely monitors every door movement and sends you real-time notifications. Moreover, with the connected camera, you can contact the police in the event of a break-in, further enhancing the security of your home.

This sensor goes a step further by integrating an intelligent brightness sensor. It allows you to synchronize your home's brightness with other connected devices, automatically triggering home automation scenarios to optimize the use of solar energy. Whether you want to strengthen your home's security, automate lighting, or monitor access, the SOCONNECTED BLU door/window sensor adapts to your unique needs.

Thanks to its compact and elegant design, it is easy to install on doors, windows, security barriers, garage doors, and more. With its seamless integration into any interior, this sensor effortlessly complements the aesthetics of your living space. Discover now how home automation and solar energy can make your home smarter and safer.

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