Solax inverter X1 FIT RETRO 5kW

Solax inverter X1 FIT RETRO 5kW

X1-Fit--5.0-W E version

Compatible with all inverters
Wifi supervision
High voltage battery management
Consumables management
Output power: 5000 W
Excess solar production is not injected into the grid
Single-phase inverter

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Buy your Solax X1 Retrofit 5kW inverter at the lowest price - online only. You can buy this hybrid inverter exclusively on Alma Solar. Thanks to this inverter, you can add a storage battery to an existing photovoltaic installation. The SolaX X1 Retrofit answers your electrical needs in a smart way by selecting the most economical source between your solar panels, batteries and the network. It is the only inverter that operates without connection to the panels. With a 5kW battery output power, this Solax Retrofit inverter connects to your domestic lithium batteries.

Thanks to its integrated Internet communication, it sends all your data directly to the Solax servers. Create an account and you can supervise your installation. By adding the Solax meter and Solax electrical outlets, you can activate your electrical devices remotely to optimize your self-consumption.

Compatible with all inverters: Your Solax inverter is connected parallel to your home. It naturally detects the power needed to answer your power needs if you solar panels' production is currently insufficient. In the evening, the inverter discharges your batteries for self-consumption. Your batteries are recharged via your inverter which is also connected to your home. You have the possibility to recharge according to a specific time schedule through the power network (off-peak hours). In addition, its EPS function garantees your power supply even in the event of a power outage.

Wifi supervision: The Solax inverter Retrofit offers you online supervision. You can check the performance of your installation when you are away from home. The data is sent via Wi-Fi to the Solax portal. No additional accessories are needed.

High voltage battery management: The Solax X1 Retrofit manages the charging and discharging of your batteries. These batteries are called high voltages, that is working from 80 to 450V only compatible with Lithium batteries like LG, Triple Power and Silion.

Consumables Management: The Solax X1 Retrofit is the first inverter ready for smart self-consumption management. This inverter comes with integrated output relay contacts. These relays allow you to activate your home’s consumables remotely depending on the solar panels' power production or according to a set schedule. This inverter optimizes your home's electrical consumption and activates the consumables. No need to be present: you can manage your home's self-consumption remotely.

Output power: 5000 W: This inverter's instantaneous power is 5000 W for battery discharging.

Excess solar production is not injected into the grid: The Solax X1 Retrofit is an intelligent inverter that is able to regulate the voltage of your batteries in order to strictly meet your needs. Thanks to the Solax meter, the inverter measures and regulates the power output to avoid the injection of excess solar production into the grid.

Single-phase: Solax Retrofit operates in single phase.

If you connect a single-phase inverter to a three-phase network, you need a three-phase smart meter.

Compatible with ALMA SOLAR appYes
Battery Type:Lithium
Battery Operating voltage:450V
Internet connection:Ethernet / Wifi
Inverter brand:SOLAX POWER
Product warranty:10 years
Place of manufacture:Europe
Inverter type:Ac battery charger

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Pascal B. on
Würde ich wieder kaufen
Gregor W. on
J'ai une installation en micro-onduleur et je souhaitais une solution de batterie. Je trouvais les batteries Enphase un peu chères et surtout faible puissance décharge!! Suite aux explications, j'ai opté pour le Retrofit 5 kW car puissance de décharge importante. Installation facile grâce au manuel disponible sur le site, équipe agréable qui prend le temps de vous conseiller. Je recommande!
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