Hybrid SolaX inverter X1-6.0-D G4
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Hybrid SolaX inverter X1-6.0-D G4

Hybrid SolaX inverter X1-6.0-D G4

X1-HYBRID-6.0-D G4

Quick start
WIFI internet monitoring
Integrated battery management high voltage
Operate without a power network
Single phase inverter
Management Excess solar power into the grid
Shadow fix integrated

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Buy SolaX Power Hybrid X1-6.0-D G4 inverter at the best prices online. The inverter determines the most economic source of electricity for you, between photovoltaic, batteries and the electricity network. It regulates battery charging to maximise their lifespan. The SolaX Power inverter sends your data free over the internet via Wifi. You can analyse it's performance online. If you are absent, it detects and automatically recharges your batteries. In the evening, you use this free energy. If you are afraid of not having enough power, the inverter is capable of taking electricity from the network, without limiting the power. If you have power outages, it is also capable of modulate itself to continue with your supply. You can produce unlimited electricityt.

Quick start: the attraction of  the Solax Hybrid X1-6.0-D G4 inverter is its low voltage start up. As soon as the voltage starts, your inverter will transform energy to generate electricity. Performance gain on your photovoltaic installation.

WIFI Internet monitoring: you are not at home and you want to check that your solar panels are working properly, it's very easy with Wifi internet monitoring included in the Solax Hybrid X1-6.0T. Data is sent free on Solax servers. With the Smartphone App, you can see the real-time performance of your installation. The ideal solution for assessing the effeciency of solar panels and batteries.

Integrated battery management high voltage: Solax X1-6.0-D G4 is the first inverter to intelligently manage the charging and discharging of your batteries at 480V. You have the ability to define the recharging source for your battery (e.g. uniquely with solar panels or exclusively from the electricity network). You can also define a recharge time for the batteries (off-peak hours, for example). By default, the Solax inverter prioritises electricity sources in the following order:1 = solar panels, 2 = solar batteries, 3 = networks. This priority can be changed in the settings for the inverter.

Operate without a power network: the Solax Hybrid is an intelligent inverter capable of operating without an electrical network with its EPS output. It runs between two sources of electricity: solar panels and solar batteries. Your garden chalet will always have a source of electricity.

Single phase inverter: connect your Solax Hybrid inverter on your house to a single phase network. If you wish to work on a three phase, it's very easy: you order 3 inverters to insert in each phase. Alternatively, in homes with three phases, you can connect and stay with the Solax Hybrid single phase (connection on 1 phase).

None injection solar excess: The Solax X1-6.0-D G4 is a smart inverter that regulate your solar panels voltage to your strictly need. Eg, you have a need of 2000W, your solar panels produce 3500W. The inverter will regulate the voltage to have exactly 2000W. You don't inject any power into the electrical grid. It is now prohibited to inject the solar excess without contract.

Integrated Shadow Fix: The Shadow Fix allows you to manage the shading on your solar panels. You have 3 management thresholds: LOW, MEDUIM and HIGH. The threshold is defined according to the % of solar panel in the shade. This ensures the best solar production of your solar panels with some shaded panels.

If you connect a single-phase inverter to a three-phase network, you need a three-phase smart meter.

Compatible with ALMA SOLAR appYes
MPPT Tracker:2
Battery Type:Lithium
Internet connection:Ethernet / Wifi
Inverter brand:SOLAX POWER
Product warranty:10 years
Place of manufacture:Asia
Inverter type:Hybrid inverter
Marque batterie:TRIPLE POWER

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Jean Marc F. on
Toujours pas reçu
Onduleur Hybride SolaX X1-6.0-D G4
Martin M. on
Produit conforme, livraison rapide
Insgesamt ein "Sehr gut"
Jurij R. on
Der Wechselrichter kam innerhalb von ca. 10 Arbeitstagen gut verpackt auf einem Stück Palette und wie im Shop beschrieben. Überraschend sogar mit dem WLAN-Adapter, was meistens separat verkauft wird. Noch ist das Teil nicht eingebaut, aber ich gehe davon aus, dass es leistet, was es verspricht.
Installation par moi-même avec contrat assistance
Etienne L. on
Voir mon commentaire general
Hugues m. on
onduleur X1-6-D-G4
didier r. on
reçu et installé. fonction très bien avec batterie 9kwh. malgrès la batterie et le paramétrage 0 injection, il y a une injection de 0,2 à1,5 kwh par jour
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