ABB Inverter UNO-DM-3.3-TL-PLUS-B-Q
ABB Inverter UNO-DM-3.3-TL-PLUS-B-Q

ABB Inverter UNO-DM-3.3-TL-PLUS-B-Q


Easy installation
WIFI connection
Single-phase inverter

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Buy your ABB inverter UNO-DM-3.3-TL-PLUS-B_Q at the best price - online only. This residential single-phase inverter is ideal for medium sized installations up to 3.3 kW. It does not have a transformer and provides maximum efficiency (up to 96.8%) for record performance. The S version contains an integrated DC main switch according to international standards.

Easy installation: The installation of ABB inverter UNO-DM-3.3-TL-PLUS-B-Q is now easier and faster. It hangs higher and the cables can be connected without the use of tools. You will receive a full installation kit with all the accessories, wall hanging, AC and MC4 connectors, screws and bolts, allowing you to set it up quickly.

Light: The ABB inverter UNO-DM-3.3-TL-PLUS-B_Q has no transformer but uses a different technology to convert energy. This means it is very light and easy to carry. Moreover, the new ABB makes use of an efficient cooling system without a fan: it runs extremely quietly.

WIFI connection: This inverter comes with an integrated WiFi Internet connection. Connect it to Internet and benefit from free online supervision. Connect your mobile directly to AURORA VISION.

Single-phase inverter: The ABB inverter UNO-DM-3.3-TL-PLUS-B-Q is a single phased inverter.

MPPT range :180..500V
Start voltage:80V
Max. input current :12.5A
Length x Height x Depth:553 x 418 x 175mm
MPPT Tracker:2
Max. input solar panel power:3900W
Internet connection:RS485
Inverter brand:ABB
Product warranty:5 years
Place of manufacture:Europe
Inverter type:Grid inverter
  • ABB UNO-DM-COM KIT communication card

    With this card, the ABB inverter will automatically adapt the output power in order to maximise self-consumption or in order to avoid feeding power into the grid according to the system settings. In addition, this UNO-DM-COM KIT is equipped with a configurable switching relay which can be used for manage external loads with custumizable activation...

    57,70€ Tax incl.

    Measure the consumption of your home and the power injected into the power grid. This meter is connected to AURORA VISION. This meter is also connected to your inverter. It allows you to readjust the power of your solar panels so as not to inject the overproduction into the power grid.

    99,00€ Tax incl.
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