SolaX inverter X1 Boost 5000
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SolaX inverter X1 Boost 5000

SolaX inverter X1 Boost 5000

X1 5.0-T-D

Quick start
WIFI Internet monitoring (key included)
Integrated consumables management
Single-phase inverter
Management Excess solar power into the grid

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Buy your SolaX Power X1 Boost 5000 inverter at the lowest price - online only. This inverter is ideal for domestic self-consumption. This inverter manages your solar panel production in order not to inject the excess solar production into the grid. The SolaX Power inverter transmits your data for free to the Internet via Wifi. You can analyse its performance online. You can activate the electrical consumables of your home remotely depending on the solar panels' power production or according to a specific schedule. You don't have enough power? This inverter can take from the electrical grid without power limit. Turn yourself into a fully independent electricity producer.

Quick start: The key advantage of the Solax X1 Boost 5000 inverter lies in its low voltage start up. As soon as the voltage starts, your inverter will transform energy to generate electricity. This means a considerable performance gain for your photovoltaic installation.

WIFI Internet monitoring: You are not at home and you want to check that your solar panels are working properly? It's very easy using the Wifi Internet monitoring included in the Solax X1 Boost 5000. Data is transmitted for free onto Solax servers. You can see the real-time performance of your installation on the smartphone app. The ideal solution for assessing the efficiency of your solar panels and batteries. Wifi key is included with this inverter.

Integrated consumables management: The X1 Boost 5000 by Solax is the first inverter ready for smart self-consumption management. This inverter comes with integrated output relay contacts. These relays allow you to activate your home’s consumables remotely depending on the solar panels' power production or according to a set schedule. This inverter optimizes your home's electrical consumption and activates the consumables. No need to be present: you can manage your home's self-consumption remotely.

Excess solar power is not injected into the grid: The X1 Boost 5000 by Solax is a smart inverter that regulates your solar panels' voltage to fit your needs precisely. E.g.: You need 2000 W, your solar panels produce 2500 W. The inverter will regulate the voltage to exactly 2000 W. You don't inject any power into the electrical grid. It is now prohibited to inject the solar excess into the grid without a reselling contract. To add the SDM230 meter imperatively.

Single-phase inverter: Connect your Solax Hybrid inverter on your house to a single-phase network. If you wish to work on a three phase, it's very easy: order 3 inverters to insert in each phase. Alternatively, in homes with three phases, you can connect and stay with the Solax Hybrid single phase (connection on 1 phase).

If you connect a single-phase inverter to a three-phase network, you need a three-phase smart meter.

Compatible with ALMA SOLAR appYes
MPPT range :70...580V
Start voltage:100V
Max. input current :16A / 16A
Length x Height x Depth:323 x 402 x 119mm
Max. efficiency:97.6%
MPPT Tracker:2
Max. input solar panel power:7500W
Internet connection:Ethernet / Wifi
Inverter brand:SOLAX POWER
Product warranty:10 years
Place of manufacture:Asia
Inverter type:Grid inverter

Connect with Data Acquisition System. Use a computer/tablelet to search for the WIFI signal originating from the inverter. The SSID of this WIFI signal will be called: SolaX_xxxxxx('xxxxxx' being the last six characters of the device mac address)

Input the IP address ‘’ into the address bar of an internet browser. When prompted for a user name and password, enter ‘admin’ in both instances

Click the "Find AP" at the right side of SSID.There will be an Scan page, it will search for the signal of the WIFI router around. The SSID is the WIFI router’s SSID, signal means the strength of the router. 100% means the router has a good signal, 0% means the router has no signal here.

Go to :

Create your account.

Once logged in the user is able to edit the site. To do this, click the 'Edit' tab. Here the user can edit the site information changing information such as name, location, system size and time zone.

Click ‘Add New Inverter’, and input the relevant information of the new inverter in the blank fields.

See all your datas in the 'My site' view.

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Xavier L. on
Mise en place et en service simple
Giancarlo T. on
Ottimo prodotto, funziona benissimo Lo consiglio
Rapport qualité prix excellent
gilles w. on
Réellement plug and go, l'onduleur est facilement configurable, lisez bien la notice pour éviter les erreurs de débutant. Mais Alma est là en cas de question, bravo à l'équipe.
Puissance limitée a 5000W
Franck m. on

Bon produit mais attention l'onduleur est limitée à 5000W

en toute confiance
Rémy k. on
je viens de passer du X1 Boost 3000 au X1 boost 5000 3ème génération car ajout de panneaux,j'ai repris le même onduleur ,il ne fait aucun bruit ,ne chauffe pas,est très simple à paramétrer et à utiliser,si difficulté le SAV est présent et rapidement , il a une garantie de 10 ans pour un prix très compétitif avec 2 trackers MPPT,et il gère très bien le zéro injection, mais n'oubliez pas le compteur SDM 230, l'amortissement sera rapide.
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