Inverter STECA XTENDER XTM 1500-12

Inverter STECA XTENDER XTM 1500-12


Buy your inverter XTENDER XTM 1500-12 for off-grid installation, at the best prices online.

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Studer Innotec SA

Established in 1987, Studer Innotec SA develops its activity in the conversion of energy. Today is one of the global leader in inverter market with a wide range of products, the company has a network of more than a hundred distributors worldwide. Studer Innotec SA is the choice of performance and reliability by developing high-tech products with components selected carefully. Moreover, Studer Innotec SA is an ISO company engaged to an efficient and sustainable energy environment, which develops and manufactures all of its products in Switzerland.

Features and performance

     True sine wave voltage
     Outstanding overload capabilities
     Reliable and silent with any type of load
     Function Smart-Boost for assistance to the source even on complex loads
     Automatic reduction of peak loads (power shaving)
     Battery charger PFC programmable multi-level
     Level adjustable stand-by over a wide range from a very low threshold
     Relay ultra-fast transfer
     Control signal processor (DSP)
     high efficiency
     Internal electronic protection
     5 years warranty

Length x Height x Depth:323 x 463 x 130mm
Max. efficiency:93%
Max. input solar panel power:3400 (5s) / 1500VA (cont.) / 1500VA (Smart boost 30min)
Battery Operating voltage:12V
Inverter brand:STECA
Product warranty:5 years
Place of manufacture:Europe
Inverter type:Grid inverter
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