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4.8 / 5 Calculated from 39 review.

Chris Lomas Rate: 5/5

Chris Lomas

It could have been 5/5 if the delivery had been as advertised on the website. Alma Solar are very helpful and polite and explained that the delay in delivery was due to moving their warehouse.

Rowan PR Rate: 5/5

Very satisfaied

Exellent shop, very good prices.

Alberto R Rate: 4.5/5

Everithing went fine!

The customer service was very friendly and responsive in no time.
They were able to accommodate all my requests/doubts/questions with ease.
All that is deeply appreciated!
I ordered solar panels stated as available in their warehouse and the order and shipment went fast.
Thank you Alma Solar, I will definitely place more orders!

A hint about the shipment: keep in mind that if you re receiving big items such as a palette of solar panels the shipping companies by default may tend to use a full size trunk and this can problematic in residential areas (they may also expect you have available a fork lift for downloading). In that case specify clearly for the shipment that delivery is possible only with a van equipped with tail lift.

Wolfgang L Rate: 5/5

Customer Service

very good service, very friendly. Delivery time is also very good, for today's time.

Valerijs M Rate: 4.5/5

«:::P:::» «:::E:::» «:::R:::» «:::F:::» «:::E:::» «:::C:::» «:::

Hi, great team and store, this is my second purchase, and to be honest, the first one was better, I had to be nervous, wait a long time for the shipment and after receiving it turned out that the purchase was not complete, there was no WI-FI module, a week was spent on correspondence and a week on delivery, and the workmanship has gotten worse, so I'm not very happy with it all.

Andrus R Rate: 4.8/5

Rowan PR

Perfect shop. I recommend.

olof J Rate: 4.5/5

Olof Jeppsson

It was good

Geoffrey Wyns Rate: 4.8/5

Good quality. Status of order can be improved.

All was received at home nicely packed on a pallet. All materials is of good quality. After confirmation of bank transfer, I was expecting to get some feedback about expected delivery date. Nevertheless, I had to contact Alma team to get information. No spontaneous status from the Web account. Anyway, the team was responsive and I got the parcel in 1 month delay. Some material was not in stock anymore. Altogether, I recommand the Shop.

Chris Hinov Rate: 5/5

Chris Hinov

Very good and well organized

Nick Arvanitis Rate: 5/5

Amazing Customer Service

I purchased some solar panels from Alma Solar and their customer service was excellent. From my initial call asking for help selecting the right panels, through to their final delivery to me, the customer service team was very helpful, professional and always quick to respond. I was very impressed and would happily use Alma Solar again.

Valerijs M Rate: 5/5


A great store, and generally a good company. Very fast delivery, high-quality goods, I advise you to buy. With respect.THANK YOU

Denise Kolb Rate: 5/5

Solar website

This is a great solar online retailer with good prices and helpful staff.

Andrew Rate: 5/5

Shop, paying & delivery

The staff were very helpful. It was difficult to pay for the panels ending up with having to make a bank transfer. The panels were ordered on the 14/04/2021, payment received 24/08/2021 and the start of delivery was 28/04/2021. I recomand

Ingar Granholt Rate: 5/5

This was the best/cheapest retailer I found on net

Am very happy with the service and the prices. I would shop here again and would definitely recommend others to do so, fast delivery time and quality products. Regards Ingar Granholt Norway.

Mika N Rate: 4.8/5


Good communication smooth order and fast shipping. Klarna pay later ++
Thank you

Erik N Rate: 5/5

I'M SOLAR glass-glass panels and SolaX Triple Power battery

My second order from Alma Solar. Great customer service, everything well packed and delivered to Finland in about six working days. Everything was included and in good condition. The black glass-glass panels are really nice looking!

Andrzej D Rate: 5/5

A revolution just around the corner

In my opinion, Alma Solar's successes are, above all, people, a well-organized store, the best prices and components available for people who want to build a solar system by themselves. I spent many hours talking about the Enphase System with professional engineer Alex, who explained all the nuances. Many thanks to the logistics specialists who packed my order to come to me safely. Professional services from beginning to end.

Sully M Rate: 5/5


Just perfect

Sérgio Paulo Silva C Rate: 5/5


Everything perfect. Fast shipping, well packed. Excellent communication for order-related troubleshooting. I am very satisfied. Thank you so much for everything.

Irk Rate: 5/5

Just Perfect

Everything about ALMASOLAR is just perfect. Customer service communicates very fast, is friendly and provides exhaustive answers. I got my Solaxpower Triple Power 18.9 kWh battery pack at a price unbeatable in Europe. Moreover, delivery cost is included and shipment time short even as far as to Finland. Highly recommended.

Sebastian M Rate: 4/5


Entregado conforme al plazo y bien empaquetado. No puedo valorar otros parámetros por ahora.

Paul Rate: 5/5


Just to let you know everything went fine.

Delivery, delivery time and packing was excellent, the panels look very nice and of good quality (lets talk again about quality in 50 years when the warranty is finished ;-) and work as rated.

Thank you for good service, I will be back if I need more equipment later.

Henrik K Rate: 5/5

Very satisfied

Very satisfied . no problems at all and fast shipment to island in Denmark. You get both email and sms information in every step of the delivery process.

Erik N Rate: 4.3/5

SolaX Triple Power battery

Delivery time from Luxembourg to Finland was 8 days. Packaging was well done and everything included. Their customer service responded fast and was very helpful.

In my case, the stock information was incorrect, so if your order is time critical and of highest importance (more important than price even) like it was for me, I would suggest you to check with customer service before placing order to make sure that they can deliver on time.

I recommend looking their configurator which is really easy to use as a starting point for a complete system. Can definitely recommend and will use Alma Solar for my next order too!

Rodrigo R Rate: 4/5

UPS should deliver faster

From Luxembourg to Portugal almost 5 working days to deliver a small box with less than a Kg. Think should deliver faster. The items arrived without any issue. Thank you

Jussi Rate: 5/5


Order received today, Visual inspection shows OK condition for package.
Delivery time was 1 week 2 days in Finland ;) Thanks for a good service,

Aske Lykke S Rate: 5/5

Solar panels

Great service and fast to respond to questions regarding your order or help regarding the right option for your needs. Highly recommended.

Juha P Rate: 4.8/5

Well done

everything went nice and in time.

Darius G Rate: 5/5

Everything went just OK

Price, communication and delivery, everything went nice and in time.

Robert Rate: 5/5


I haven't much time at the moment, but think that Alma Solar brings good products at good prices and that shipping conditions are OK.

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