LG Chem battery RESU 7 kWh High voltage

LG Chem battery RESU 7 kWh High voltage

High voltage Lithium Battery
90% discharge
6.000 cycles or more
Lightweight design
7.000 Wh Storage Capacity
3.500 W Output Power

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Buy your LG Chem high voltage lithium ion battery RESU 7 kWh battery at the lowest price - online only. LG Chem lithium ion RESU 7 kWh batteries are preferable where the number of cycles is greater than 6.000. In addition, the strength of these batteries lies in the fact that you can use up to 90% of their capacity. The LG Chem lithium ion battery pack is the ideal solution to ensure your installation's proper functionning over the next 20 years. No maintenance is required. The discreet design will fit smoothly into your home. This lithium battery is ready for use.

Lithium BatteryLG Chem uses lithium technology, which makes it lighter than lead batteries. It does not suffer the memory effect and has greater autonomy.

90% dischargeAt up to 90%, this battery has the best discharge on the market. The capacity is 7.000 Wh with a discharge of up to 6.600 Wh available.

6.000 cycles or more: The number of cycles possible with this battery makes it ideal for long term use. With an average of 250 cycles per year, the LG has an estimated service life of nearly 25 years.

Lightweight designThe LG Chem weighs 76 kg. Its simple and clean design allows for easy installation. Operating temperatures of between 0°C and 40°C guarantee optimum use wherever it is installed.

7.000 Wh Storage CapacityThis battery has a capacity of 7.000 Wh. This is equivalent to 7.000 W for a period of 1 hour. If this is not enough autonomy, you can add multiple batteries to your cart. The capacity simply adds on.

3.500 W Output PowerLG Chem has an instantaneous output of a maximum of 3.500 W.

Length x Height x Depth:744 x 692 x 206mm
Max. efficiency:99% (25°C)
Battery Type:Lithium
Max. charge / discharge:3500W
Battery Operating voltage:450V
Load current:15A
Battery capacity max. (C10):660Ah
Number of cycle:6000
Discharge rate:90%
Lifetime:6000-8000 Cycles
Product warranty:10 years
Place of manufacture:Asia