The SOLAR-LOG 1200 is ideal for monitoring and troubleshooting photovoltaic installations. It is possible to connect several inverters of two brands with a total capacity of 100KWc (maximum number of inverters 100, a mark by bus). With a touch screen you directly have access to important informations about power or consumption. You can also access this information via the SOLAR-LOG WEB, you will have access to graphical analysis portal.

The SOLAR-LOG has a USB port for easy data transfer. SOLAR-LOG is also accessible on your smartphone and tablet application.

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The SOLAR-LOG is available in 2 variants with or without built-in counter. To measure and visualize their own consumption with the SOLAR-LOG, an external digital meter is needed. With new models SOLAR-LOG 300 Meter and Meter Solar-Log 1200, the counter is already built and has the same functions as an external counter.

Solare Datensysteme GmbH is a specialist in solar monitoring and is among the leaders in this field. The company , founded in 2007, specializes in the design and distribution of surveillance systems including photovoltaic products SOLAR- LOG. SOLAR-LOG is already available in many countries in Europe and the U.S. market recently. The philosophy of the company is as follows : to ensure a growing solar success.

Undetected damage, or abnormal shadows inverters inevitably cause a decrease in the efficiency of photovoltaic installations. Over the abnormality is detected, the sooner the damage is limited. SOLAR-LOG monitoring solutions help you get maximum performance from your solar installation.

Monitoring solutions to protect your investment and ensure maximum performance, not just today, but throughout the life of your PV installation.

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