Workee installer
1. Who do I pay for the installation service?

When you request an Alma Solar installer, all your order is paid for through Alma Solar.

With regard to installers from the directory, the installer is paid directly for the service.

We advise you to consult at least 3 professionals to compare quotations.

2. How does the Workee installation service work?

It's quick and easy. In your basket, select the delivery method. After you have chosen a delivery option, we suggest you use an Alma Solar installer depending on your locality. You then choose the level of assistance you want depending on your project and you pay on line. The advantage: 1 single order for all services.

The installer makes an appointment with you within 48 hours.

When he comes out to you, he will guide you through all the installation stages, make your site safe and carry out a 40-point inspection.

You can also choose the Alma Solar installer upstream from the order. For that you come here.

Tip: Amateurs, request an Alma Solar installer to make your installation comply and then benefit from free Alma Solar fully comprehensive insurance for your PV kit.

3. Does the Workee installer fit the solar panels?

The Alma Solar installer doesn't do it himself but helps you and accompanies you throughout the installation of the kit. He works between half a day and 2 days depending on your need for assistance.

4. I wish to place my order for equipment and request a Workee installer later. Can I do that?

It is very easy to place an order using the online configurator on the Alma Solar website. If you live within Workee's area of activity, you will be given the opportunity to book a service package in the configurator. Read more about the available services here: My Workee installer

Unfortunately, you cannot order a service package for installation other than while placing your initial order on Alma Solar. So don't forget to order you equipment together with a service package for Workee if you need assistance setting up your solar installation.

5. What does the installation service include?

There are 3 levels of assistance. The basic package at 600 Euros inc VAT for assistance for half a day

The standard package for 1200 Euros inc VAT for assistance for one day and

The complete package at 2400 Euros inc VAT for assistance for 2 days.

This service is aimed at individuals who have some knowledge of DIY and electricity and who wish to have their site made safe and compliant. All packages include free access to the warranties " All risk insurance Alma Solar".

6. Is my installation covered despite having a Workee installer checking it?

It is not possible to benefit from insurance without having a Workee installer checking the installation. We are obliged to check your installation to ensure full compliance. This investment will ensure your sustainability over the next 5 years.

7. How can I review the Workee installer?

We are particularly attentive to the quality of our services. Once the installation is completed, you will receive an email and/or text to ask you to review your experience.

You can also go directly to the feedback page on Alma Solar and click on the link "Review your experience".

8. How do I make an appointment with the Workee installer?

You don't have to do anything. We take care of informing the installer after the delivery of your equipment. He will naturally contact you by phone to confirm the installation date within 10 days (not guaranteed).

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